Our Classes

Junior Classes

Stimulation and Development

Our learners are placed in classes based on their needs and abilities and not on their age. We currently have 5 classes each with a maximum of 7 learners.


The Busy Bee Class

The focus of this class is to establish the pre-requisite skills for learning and encourage joint attention. Learners are exposed to a multi-sensory learning approach, where movement and tactile exploration is used. Lessons incorporate objects, photographs, signing and communication symbols to develop language and exploration.


The Seahorse Class

The focus of this class is to establish an alternative and augmentative communication system. Learners are exposed to a multimodal alternative and augmentative communication. As such vocalisations, Makaton signs, gestures and low tech and high tech communication devices are incorporated into the lesson plans. An alternative and augmentative communication system is established and tailor made for the each leaner. Learners are encouraged to use their communication devices to participate in thematically based lessons and to complete social routines.


The Lion Class

The focus of this class is to develop each learner’s pre-requisite skills, alternative and augmentative communication and life skills for more independence as well as social and emotional development. Literacy and numeracy skills are developed functionally by incorporating it in daily living skills creating more independence using multi-model communication techniques.

Senior Classes

LifeStyle Centre

The Owl Class

In this class functional literacy and numeracy skills are promoted at the level of ability of each learner. Communication symbols, letters, sight words and basic reading skills are taught within thematic activities and activities of daily living. Numeracy tasks are applied to activities of daily living and learners are encouraged to utilise their numeracy skills for tasks such as shopping or ticket sales. Work skills and independent living skills are introduced and learners are encouraged to become more independent.


The Dr. Seuss Class (LifeStyle Centre)

The life style centre was established to cater for our young adults. The focus of the life style centre is to equip our young adults with the life skills they require to live as independently as possible. These skills include sheltered employment, personal hygiene, baking and using their free time constructively.

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