Our learners, like trees, stand tall and strong; spreading their roots deep and stabilising themselves in order to weather the toughest of storms.

Sensory Spaces
Individualised sensory environments are set out to meet the unique
needs of each learner. Providing them with environments where they can
self regulate.

Nurturing Hearts & Supporting Families
The Centre has a holistic approach, directing its efforts not only towards the development
of the learners but also towards the support of families with special needs children
and creating awareness in the community to better understand special needs education.


FUNctional Movement
Creating opportunities for movement in many different ways and as often as possible.
Focusing on ACTIVE instead of PASSIVE movement. Gross Motor Activities, Tumbling,
Independence, Balancing, etc.


Giving Our Learners A Voice
Our learners want to be heard. We make use of AAC in order to allow our learner’s to have
a voice in whichever manner suits them as they may not be able to verbally express themselves.


Equipping Young Adults
Assisting young adults by equipping them with the skills needed to empower them to be
independent and to feel accepted in society. Skills include Self-care, home(domestic) skills,
community skills (shopping/road safety), interpersonal skills, leisure skills (downtime) and
future work-based skills.

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Donate to Apricot Tree

Apricot Tree is an NPO in the East Rand that has been catering to the unique needs of special needs learners for the past 10 years and we hope to continue to do so for years to come.  Apricot Tree is Section18A certified with SARS which means your donations are tax-deductible.

You can help Apricot Tree by making a donation, using one of the 3 donation methods below:

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):
Banking Details are as follows:
# 407 980 2453
Branch Code: 632005
REFERENCE: Name and Contact number

PayFast –  Use our PayFast link below and make your donation now.

GivenGain – Follow the link to our donation page to see our current online fundraising campaign and make a kind donation there.

You can help us by making Apricot Tree the beneficiary on your My School Woolworth’s card.

Welcome To Apricot Tree

Thank you for visiting or showing an interest in the Apricot Tree Centre. The centre is a non-profit organisation in the East Rand.

We strive to cater to the needs of learners between the ages of 3 and 25, who  have intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities.

We believe in supporting families and the community in better understanding special needs education.

Our Facilities

Our Amazing Classes

Apricot Tree Centre is committed to the stimulation and development of children with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Apricot Tree strives to provide the highest quality service; enabling each learner to reach their full potential. We cater for learners with unique disabilities who are often not accepted in the public or mainstream special needs schools.  As each learner is unique and they have different needs, an ISP (Individualised Support Plan) is set up to establish specific attainable goals and is designed to enable the highest level of development.

We keep our classes to a maximum of 7 learners per class. This ensures that learners receive the maximum educational benefit possible.

The Centre has a holistic approach, directing its efforts not only towards the development of the learners, but also towards the support of families with special needs children.

Our Team

Meet Our Team of Experts

Individually; we are one drop. Together; we are an ocean!

Our Wishlist

We need support and donations from our community to provide our learners with all the necessary equipment to optimise their learning.

We fundraise in order to assist us in acquiring specific items and run funding projects that will benefit our learners and provide them with a better future.

  • Sponsor a learner (Centre or therapy fees)
  • Vending Coffee Machine (Small employment venture)
  • Rubber Flooring (for Junior Side Playground and Senior side to have a surface on which to learn bocce)
  • Backing Net for Basket/NetBall (With a net it this would assist all our learners to participate in outside sport activities)
  • Hydrotherapy Pool (Big project with the renovation of our Adult Centre for the well-being improvement and maintenance of our learner’s physical needs and future employment opportunities)
  • Items for Snoezelen Room (Padding, mirror boards, lights, etc.)

Our Sponsors