Kimlon Hansrod


I am Kimlon Hansrod. In previous years I have volunteered at Apricot Tree(this is where I first fell in love with AT). I studied electrical engineering and realised it was not something I was passionate about.

I later decided to au paired in the United States assisting a Non-verbal autistic boy. My United States family allowed me the opportunity to teach in the school they started up for their son and provided me with training, in methods of communication and behaviourisms. This was a great learning opportunity and fueled my passion for working with kids to greater heights.
I am now pursuing my degree in education. I am an older sister to a 15-year-old downs syndrome brother that means the world to me. I am family orientated and I enjoy thrill-seeking adventures but also having some downtime to regroup. I am passionate about what I do and love working with kids.
 I am proud to be working at Apricot Tree because there is so much joy, heartwarming and inspirational moments that one would never understand without having spent a day at Apricot Tree. You know your heart is full when you wake up in the morning to do what you love and it’s not considered a job but rather a passion.