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Apricot Tree Centre is committed to the stimulation and development of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


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What the Parents Say

We are not special parents because we have special needs children. We are regular people who have become better human beings because of our special needs children

van Niekerk Family

Apricot Tree is more than just a Centre to me, it is family.  It’s our little safe haven, truly the best-kept secret in Benoni.

Our amazing journey started with this special place in 2013, Apricot Tree was the 5th Centre in four years for my little girl.  From the moment she arrived; she was welcomed with open arms and she received the best care, stimulation and input that she needed.

Her little brother joined this year as we confirmed last year that both have the same, rare genetic disorder, Called SPATA5.

Apricot Tree is the place for rare and special amazing learners to grow and discover who they are.
I am so blessed to be part of this Centre and excited to grow with them.

Child – Chloe 12 and Stuart 3

Grey Family

After having at first been through a few special needs schools, and being home-schooled for a couple of years, Keenan has now been a part of the Apricot Tree school for the past 10 years. Both we and he love the environment and the beautiful surroundings, but most of all the wonderful caring, patient, loving teachers, care workers and therapists that take care of, teach and interact on a very personal level with Keenan (and us) every day. Each child is treated as an individual and assisted to reach their full potential. In spite of living about 20km from the school, we feel it is absolutely worth the journey.

Child – Keenan Grey 22 years

Dall Family

Apricot tree for us as a family is one of our biggest support structures with Tristin. Not just with regards to his education. But to his abilities to be a functioning young man at home and within his community!

Every staff member is passionate about their calling to assist and work towards each child overcoming their disability to be all God has created them to be. Zoning in on their strengths and lovingly, patiently encouraging and strengthening their weaknesses! It’s a super fun place to learn. Each teacher is full of love, life, energy, excitement, passion and understanding. As a family, we feel loved, accepted, encouraged and supported on this adventure of raising a special needs child.

The Apricot Tree has grown Tristin in ways we could never have imagined! He LOVES going to school. Because there he feels loved, accepted and celebrated. As well as having a purpose! He loves his friends, teachers, Facilitators and therapist. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this is very true raising a special needs child too. Apricot tree is part of that village! And we are truly grateful to be apart of the Apricot tree family!

Child – Tristin 18-year-old