Art Auction

Apricot Tree Art Fundraiser




Rules for the Online Auction:

  1. Sign up for online auction on our website www.apricottree.co.za
  2. The online auction will be run as an event on our Facebook Page https://m.facebook.com/theheartofspecialneeds/
  3. The event will run over 10days. We will post 2 artist’s pieces a day and you will have 48hrs to bid on those artworks. The bid will end and then the next 2 artist’s pieces will be up for grabs.
  4. HOW TO BID: Simply click on the photo of the artwork on the Event Page and type the amount you would like to bid in the comment section. Bids must be higher than the Starting Bid price. Bids must be higher than that of the previous bidder. Increments of at least R50, please.
  5. WINNING BIDDER MUST MAKE PAYMENT WITHING 72 HOURS FROM CLOSING OF BIDS. Payment can be made easily on our website via EFT, PayFast or our GivenGain Platform. Please email your proof of payment with your reference being your name and the name of the artist.
  6. Bidders who do not honour their bids will be suspended from further participation in the auctions. The artwork will then be offered to the next highest bidder.
  7. Please note: Bids are not transferrable. You may not transfer your bid to another artwork that will be displayed at a later stage.
  8. HOW TO RECEIVE YOUR ARTWORK: Once payment has been received, arrangements can be made for the delivery of the artwork.
  9. All proceeds go to keeping our very special NPO Centre running in these very difficult times.
  10. We would like to thank all our artists for the very kind and generous artwork donations.
  11. ALL ARTWORKS ARE ORIGINAL AND SUBJECT TO COPYRIGHT as per our contract with the artists.
  12. FEEL FREE TO SHARE OUR ARTISTS WORK AND INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO LIKE OUR PAGE!! However please note that comments on shares will NOT be taken into account ONLY bids in the comments of the Event Page!!!


Yours in Special Needs



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