what’s jamm’n in March

Thank you for a wonderful first Term. Amidst the stress around the Coronavirus we have had a super special time this term and look forward to what lies ahead in 2020.

Individualised Educational and development programmes (IEDP’s)

IEDP’s have been postponed due to the recent events. A new schedule will be sent out as soon as possible. Please note that we would like to align ourselves with the other Special Needs schools and rename the IEDPs; we will now refer to them as Individualised Support Plans (ISPs); please keep this in mind for future reference. The format will remain the same with a summary of the goals for the year. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

Covid-19 Contingency Plan

As it currently stands we will re-open on Wednesday the 15th of April and if all is in order we will close again for the Mid-Term break on the 26th of June. We continue to encourage everyone to take the necessary precautions and to limit exposure. The safety of our children is of utmost importance and we trust that by taking these precautions we will overcome this.
100 Club Winners

Congratulations to our 100 Club Winners

In 3rd place – True Lubricants, in 2nd place – J. Claassen and in 1st place –M. Oliver. Thank you very much for everyone’s support. We are so blessed and would like to announce that all three winners donated their winnings back to us so that we can tick off something from our wish list. (Please take note that we will allocate all monies to savings at the moment due to the current Covid-19 situation. In the future this money will be allocated towards the upgrade of our sandpit).

Snack Trolley

Thank you all for supporting Snack trolley Friday. It creates great excitement amongst our learners and they get the opportunity to learn new skills. We will do this on a twice-monthly basis from the new term.

Sick children

Please remember that it is very important to keep sick children at home as they often carry contagious infections that spread quickly throughout the school and affect many of our learners with weak immune systems. This is especially important in light of the current situation and for the winter season coming up.

School Communication

We will continue to have the Apricot Tree Parents and Teachers Whatsapp Group. Should you need to contact your class teacher during the school hours please contact Annette on 082-332-9348 or alternatively on the school landline 011-849-0330 as the class teachers do not have their phones on them during the day.

Please note:
We have decided to add another Whatsapp group called “Apricot Tree Notification group”, this will be a closed group run by admin communicating important notifications. The current group will remain and can be used as a social and support group for one another. This is to ensure that important notifications are not missed while ensuring parents can still communicate with each other, we can send birthday messages and celebrate exciting events.

School accounts
A friendly reminder that school fees should be paid before the 7th of each month over a 12 month period. Should you have any queries regarding your account please contact Annette van Niekerk at [email protected] / 082-332-9348.


Please don’t forget to swipe your MySchool card when purchasing items at Woolworths. If you do not have one yet please get one at your nearest Woolworths or alternatively contact Annette as she has cards available. Register your card online at www.myschool.co.za and select The Apricot Tree Trust as your preferred beneficiary. Thank you to all who are using their card.


Our Valentines fundraiser with Max Kaan was a huge success and we raised R 12 000.00. Thank you very much for everyone’s support. (Please take note that we will allocate all monies to savings at the moment with the current Covid-19 situation. In the future this money will be allocated towards our projects and wish list items).

Due to the current situation, we had to postpone and cancel some of our events:
Please take note that Bowls day has been moved to the 5th of September 2020 and the Barnyard fundraiser has been cancelled.

The golf day will then be our next fundraiser. Please start communicating this and encouraging your golfing buddies to book a four-ball or businesses to sponsor a hole. Kindly familiarise yourself with the new dates below:

Fundraising events 2020

03-Jun-20 – Golf Day
25-Jul-20 – Ladies tea
29-Aug-20 – Music Quiz
5-Sep-20 – Bowls Day
31-Oct-20 – Apricot Tree Festival
21- Nov-20 – Concert

We cannot do this without our amazing parents, thank you for your continued support. Stay safe!